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Monday, September 7, 2009

A quick jaunt to Paris

this weekend, and here is the obligatory Eiffel-tower photo:

Had a very good time at A&A&M&I's house-warming party, and was again struck by what a great city Paris is - even if it is a huge sprawling behemoth filled with totally crazed drivers and (worst of all, so my French friends tell me) Parisians. See me having a discussion with M over my new camera (she is more of an old-fashioned film fan, and therefore wasn't very impressed by it):

Very excellent is their new system (well, new as of 2007, but I had not used them before) of public bicycles that you can rent at automated stations, once you make sense of the awful and confusing touch-screen interface, that is.


and last but not least, M (again, 'cause I was too shy) showing me her magic "glowing spit-bubble" trick:


  1. Lovely pictures. I'd heard about the bicycles but not about an electronic interface.

    M is darling and you're pretty easy to look at yourself. I'm not making a pass, just noting what you probably already knew.

  2. Thanks for the compliment - and I'll be sure to pass it on to M and her twin I (those two'll break hearts one day!).

    The interface of the velib's is only a hassle when you don't have a permanent subscription btw. With a subscription you gat a card that you just swipe at the locking mechanism of the bike - pretty slick.

  3. I would use viennas bikes more often, if they'd have a smart-card rental system and not alway punching in your password and your bank-card...

  4. I simply love the Eiffel Tower shot, it's beautiful. Nice work.
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