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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Võ in the Water (Losinj I)

Well, I am back from my short holiday in Veli Losinj. It was very nice - the weather was excellent, and those pesky tourists that normally crowd the place were gone. All was awesome, except when I discovered that stepping on sharp rocks while taking photos is not always conducive to a continuing integrity of epi- and hypodermis, and when my mother fell on her head and got a light concussion together with a superpower: She can now make x-ray machines fail catastrophically, which will be handy come the invasion of the x-ray vision aliens. Coincidentally, the Hospital in Mali Losinj does not have a working x-ray any more.

So, when I was not bemoaning the fate of my foot, or rendering first aid to my mother, or painting, I was taking photos, some of which will be featured on this blog the next couple of days.

Today's photo is not mine, though, but one of those rarest specimen - a photo featuring me.

Image credit: Dad

 I am trying to practice the third Tao of Võ Vietnam - trying is the keyword here, because you don't know how bad your equilibrium is until you have tried to do your techniques in the shifting sand, knee-deep in water. Suffice to say that this is not how the kick should be done - my guard should be up, dammit, and my back straight.


  1. When you say "fail catastrophically" I'm hoping they don't fail catastrophically regarding the patient but just the machinery.

    That's quite the skill.

  2. Thankfully it was only the x-ray that failed (with a loud bang), I am guessing a short-circuit or arc in the high voltage supply for the electron gun.

    My mother was fine - except for being startled by unruly medical equipment ;)