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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Recently got a letter from the service des automobiles - the biannual control of my car is due. I knew this meant new winter-tyres at the least, so I was prepared for the worst when I headed to a mechanic for a pre-control check-over, but then...

Eighteen hundred Francs? Ouch. That's about a fourth of what I paid for the rust-bucket two years ago!  But I guess it's either that or write it off, and the mechanic was quick to assure me that the really expensive parts should all be good for another two years or three. Right. I guess we'll see...


  1. How does that translate to euros? I barely have a feel for euros in comparison to the dollar; if I have to start evaluating all the other currencies as well, I'll get confused.

  2. It's too many ;)
    or about 1200, if you insist on hard numbers. Or 1800 USD, the dollar and the Swiss Franc are nearly 1:1 right now.

  3. Ouch. I've done it; ironically, each time I've poured untold hundreds/thousands into a car, I've gotten rid of it (often for less than I just paid) shortly thereafter.

    I'm trying to get smart enough to unload it before I dump the money into it for the future.