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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am participating in the NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. the idea is to write a (short) novel in November by brute force, namely by pounding out at least 1667 words each and every day, to get up to 50010 words on the 30th. The reasoning behind is that the hardest part of writing is actually forcing yourself to write, and I am certainly finding this so. Right now I am already nearly three thousand words behind schedule, although I have been catching up.

Also, it really should be called International Novel Writing Month by now, or INaNoWriMo, but I guess that is too inane for the organisers.

Sorry about that, on with the show:

The novel I am writing is fantasy, and has the very cliché working title of Necromancer: Apprentice. But then again, Feist did get away with his Magician: Apprentice, so why shouldn't I? Except for the part where he is a successful author, and I, well,  not.

I hope to eventually post the novel here starting from mid-December or so, after I have had some time to revise it a little bit.

What is it about?

At first it seemed so innocuous: Sacrifice a chicken to make the water-pumps turn by themselves. Kill a piglet to heal your dog. But where does it end? Where do you draw the line?

Jack doesn't know - but he has no time to think. His master taught him the forbidden Art, and now he is on the run from the church, with a price on his head and a quaestor on his heels. What is he willing to sacrifice for his freedom?
 You see, I already wrote my own blurb!

Will I publish it, and get filthy, filthy rich?
No. I'll give it away for free, because I am just generous that way.  Also, I suspect it will not be that good. But who knows? Maybe I'll get discovered by an editor desperately trawling the far reaches of the internet for some prose to publish, and then I'll live the rest of my life in luxury! If so, I'll let you know where the party is ;)

Oh, and in case you are just bursting with curiosity, here you can see how many words I've written so far:

The same widget is also up on the right side-panel.


  1. I'm not really doing NaNoWriMo (and have never intended to because I only write when I'm in the "zone"), but, by a strange coincidence, I'm accidentally doing the same thing.

    I started a new novel October 16 and I'm very excited by it (love the characters!). I've been writing every spare moment without any slow spots. I'm at just short of 46K words now and it won't be 30 days until Sunday, so I'll make it easy. Except, of course, I've never written a 50K novel in my life. It's going to be close to double that length.

  2. I did the NaNoWriMo too. I finished with 50,000 words. Now I've gotten this far, I need to finish it. Every day I have another reason why I'm not going to work on it.

  3. Hey Marilynne, kudos to you for at least finishing your 50k words! I've been thinking of just posting my chapters here, to force/motivate myself to finish writing... maybe that will help.