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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Emotions - sadness

Next one in my series of emotions. A sad widow entering a church on a mountain. This time I thought about placement a bit before I started drawing, but still continued the theme of struggling with perspective - the doorway looks like I wanted to pull of an MC Escher but failed miserably.

Still, I am happy with my little widow, although I had to redraw her so many times that the paper ended up a bit smudged, which is why the scan is a bit light, to hide the smudges. Probably should ink the drawing, but I think instead I'll forge ahead and draw the next emotion: Happiness or rage, not sure which one yet. But what to draw? Rage will probably be something with swords (been oodles since I drew a nice sword, axe or other implement of mayhem!), but happiness? I'll have to think about that...


  1. Children are good for happiness and darn near every other emotion. Everything they feel is like 100%. At least when they're young, they tend to be ecstatic when they're happy and in despair when they're sad.

  2. Good idea! Maybe I'll go with a kid playing in mud - they always seem to be happy then. Also, I haven't drawn any mud yet, a crucial skill for any wannabe artist!