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Saturday, February 20, 2010

I give you: the finger

This is a rare X-ray for me:

What is so special about it? Well, you see, there is nothing broken. All bones are fine. Just goes to show that you can block a side-kick with your open hand if you really have to, so there. It was weird walking out of the hospital without a cast or something - I think I have broken about twelve different bones so far (epiphyseal cartilage on both of my thumbs, both big toes, clavicle [twice, although the one at my birth probably doesn't count], sawed through my thumb, ribs, metatarsal, anklebone, fibula, tibia) which means I have quite a ways to go to catch up with Mister Chan - but I managed, somehow.

Probably also goes to show that I am getting old, and am now running to the hospital for every little stretched ligament, but we shall speak of that no more.

Incidentally, the hospital where I went for the X-ray has a new digital X-ray machine,  which is much more sensitive, and consequently uses really low-power rays. So you don't get a nifty lead-skirt any more to protect your private parts. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that you can do a couple more x-rays of said parts "just for fun". Believe me, I asked.


  1. *Shakes head at wanting to deliberate irradiate genitalia even with tiny doses

    I have only broken two bones ever in my whole life, both of them during Tai Kwon Do, both during belt tests (which I passed). For my yellow belt, I broke a toe. For my green belt, I broke a bone in my foot. It seemed like a dangerous trend so I stopped there.

    OK, technically that's not true. When I was in Judo in college, I broke several toes...on other people's feet. I was the only on in class who didn't break any of her own.

  2. Hey, that sounds like a good name for a band: "Irradiated genitalia" ;)

    I didn't know you where a fellow martial artist! I did Tae-Kwon Do for six years, but had to stop for two years after a very nasty broken ankle (which accounted for anklebone, fibula, tibia, all at the same time!).

    Judo did account for a broken toe when I was 12 - seems to be a common hazard for Judoka!

  3. I watched part of a Karate match on TV once. Does that count to join your club? What a pussy to use a digital X-ray machine. Demand the old 1930s leakers. I heard about an old-school dentist one time whose thumb fell off after years of holding in x-ray plates in patient's mouths. Beats me. I guess you had to be there.

    This was a hard post to comment on. Would you please consider just blogging about sex in the future? Thanks.

  4. Well I did ask them if I could bring my own cobalt source, but they declined ;)

    I shall submit your request about more carnal posts to the females here in Lausanne, if it helps I'll send you a beer!