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Monday, April 5, 2010

Diverse Birds

We had a very overcast Saturday before Easter, but I nevertheless ventured out with my long lens, to catch some birds.

A Great Cormorant:

Also known as Black Shag. No, I'm not kidding.
 The humble duck:

Goes great with orange

A noble swan

Luckily for him, neither Parsifal nor Gurnemanz were around

And last but not least, two Great Crested Grebes, in love:

Only useable for large feasts - if you don't eat both of them, the other one will be sad/


  1. I laughed at the black shag. I did one of my very first blogging posts a couple years ago on BritishSpeak about the Shag. The British were teaching me new words. :)

    Anyway, really nice pictures today.

  2. I dug up your post, and it inspired me to the tomfoolery of tomorrow's post.