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Monday, May 24, 2010

Back from Paris

 and the talk went well. Also had a wonderful time with A&A and the twins. The weather was excellent, and we spent some very nice hours traipsing around. Say what you want about it, but Paris is one of the nicest cities I know to just go out for a walk.
Arc de Triomphe

I did have some troubles though - the ladies were very appreciative of my hat:

Pictured: I., hat-thief

so much so, in fact, I had trouble keeping it on ;)

...and again. With a flash hat like that, you better not let your guard down!

Strolling around Saint-Germain in the evening, A. spotted this in an artist's studio:

America. fuck yeah.

which perfectly encapsulates the way the French think about the US right now, I'd say. The French, and probably most of the rest of mainland Europe as well.

Still, I am very much looking forward to visiting New York next month, wonder how it will compare?

Eiffel tower, from the Pont Alexandre III


  1. Next year, the International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety will be having a conference in Versailles. So, we can compare notes after the fact.

  2. AAaaaah! They look so much like their mum! Yay.

  3. You put out a good argument for choosing your hat carefully when you go to Paris. I loved the pictures.

  4. @moof: Don't they? Sometimes I think their father had nothing to do with them, A. just cloned them somehow ;)

    @Marylinne: Thanks! And indeed, Paris is a very hattractive city...