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Monday, May 17, 2010

Creationists in Lausanne

I couldn't believe my own eyes:

Evolution is wrong - believe the guy with the laser eyes!

Adnan Oktar (aka  Harun Yahya) is coming to Lausanne! Oktar is an insane old earth creationist (and there is a tautology for you), who likes to tout the wrongness (and evilness! It leads to terrorism!) of the theory of evolution and How You Can Save Your Soul With Islam. He even has a book, called "The Atlas of Creation" where he debunks evolution by comparing fossils to... stolen photos of fishing lures. Seriously; see this post at forbidden music.

I really need to go there - I'll be sure to bring my camera!

Update (17.05 - 1637h):
A quick search at the Beaulieu centre de congrés doesn't show any talk by anybody on the 25th - did they cancel pour Oktar? An article in the Tribune de Genève from last Tuesday (caution! French!) talks about him running into difficulties, since the congress centre only found out about the subject of his talk (and indeed his identity) from the placards announcing the event. They are not happy, and for some reason even the cantonal police is looking into the matter...

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