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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emotions - rage

or: Archangel Michael slaying the first-born of Egypt:

Slice, slice, slice and dice, for the glory of the Lord!

Man, Michael was pissed off.
A few thoughts:
*)It was fun drawing the mountain of corpses - from a purely technical point of view, of course.

*)My first biblical theme - this has a grand tradition in the arts, of course. Is it weird for a virulent atheist to draw biblical themes? Not so! Especially when this is entirely apocryphal: Nowhere in the bible does it say that it was Michael who did the young 'uns in. Because the bible is coy that way. Well, except for all the incest-scenes (Looking at you, Lot's daughters!) Say, there is an idea for a future drawing...

Anyway, I wasn't too sure in which category to submit that over at deviantart, and chose fan-art at last. Not too sure if I am such a big fan of the bible, but I guess it is technically the right category...

*)I am quite happy with how the wings turned out - not so happy with the angel's body and the clouds though.
Also, the pleading mother? So not an Egyptian. Noticed that too late, though.

A shitload of pencils (6B, 4B, B, 2H) on paper.


  1. If they're already a pile of corpses, is he really slaying them? I mean, aren't corpses already dead? Or is she the last one? It was never clear to me that the "firstborn" included girls.

    Primogeniture is a real bitch.


  2. I think it was the first-born sons - the thing clasping Michael's knee is supposed to be a poor mother trying to stop the slaughter. Just goes to show how much I have to learn...

    But you are right, I probably should've drawn some live kids cowering in a corner or something. Didn't think of that.