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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cathedral of St. John the Divine

The biggest Gothic church in the world, also known as St John the Unfinished, and the White Elephant of Upper West Side. Impressive:

but unfinished. And you can see where the money ran out if you walk around and have a look at the backside.
It is hard to resist drawing a parallel between the superficiality of faith in general and American-style evangelism in particular, all façade and no depth, but for you, gentle reader, I shall refrain.

And thus the lord sayeth: Thou shalt use razor wire to keep out the unworthy, yea, and the poor so they shall not disturb thy peace.

But I have to give them this: very restful on a hot day  (36 centigrade, relative humidity: insane), without the infernal rattling and whooshing of those blasted ACs.

Relax, and think about your mortality.

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