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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ran around the whole day, again. So I feel like this construction worker from the WTC site:

Ran around the financial district a bit. Trinity Church:

New York really is a green city, there's bloody trees everywhere

Some flowers in Battery Park

more tomorrow, sleepy now.


  1. I have been reading closely the accounts of your adventures. It is interesting reading, indeed. I admire you for mingling with the unwashed masses rather than simply hiring an automobile and following a tour map. You are seeing, slowly, a side of New York that European tourists VERY often miss. To see only the tourist stops is to miss out on the soul of America, Orcas notwithstanding. Good stuff!

  2. PS- Should you decide to make it back on down to the Baltimore/DC area, please be warned that you haven't seen nothin' yet, humidity-wise. How nice if you could spend the 4th of July evening on the National Mall in Washington. Please try.

  3. Hey Max, your admiration is welcome, if misplaced. Remember, I am from good old Europe. My first instinct will always be using public transport or walking, with renting a car a distant third option...

    Unfortunately my flight back leaves on July 4th - I plain forgot about Independence day when I booked the flight :(