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Saturday, July 3, 2010


The thing with the Guggenheim is that it has a very small permanent exhibition - thus your visit stands and falls with how much you like the temporary one.

Unfortunately, the current exhibition, Haunted, is not really my thing. Much too modern, it goes mostly right over my head. Furthermore, two other galleries in the annex were closed for the installation of new exhibitions. That being said, the Tannhäuser Gallery is small, but good. Two pieces I particularly liked:

Van Gogh's Paysage enneigé


and Picasso's Fernande à la mantille noire


In my humble opinion Picasso should have forgotten about cubism, and surrealism, and stuck with painting amazing stuff like the above ;) Although you can see, or so the Guggenheim maintains, that he already starts to move from expressionistic and romantic painting to abstraction, and I guess I could be convinced of that. Still, Fernande is much more accessible to me than his later work. Don't make my poor brain work too much!

Which, come to think of it, may be the crux of my problems with modern art (if you can call the 1950's modern) - I want to appreciate and enjoy art, not work for it. Sheer laziness, I am afraid.

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