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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emotions: Joy, or: Modern Faerie

In my series of emotions (previously: surprise, rage, sadness and fear), I proudly present : Modern Faerie.

Life in the city is hard for faeries, and some fail to... adapt. Seeking solace in drugs, those poor creatures normally don't make it for long, and clapping your hands won't work here.

This is a drawing I've wanted to do for ages, but never felt up to. But when joy came up as a motive in my drawing course, I knew the time had come. Inked with a Pentel pocket brush on A4 paper, I am quite happy with how it turned out. Credit for the idea with the newspaper-wings goes to my teacher Julien.

In case you are curious about the process, here is a scan of the pencil drawing  I subsequently inked. Unfortunately I don't have any of the many preliminary sketches I did before, but I think I did at least eight before settling on this perspective and composition.

I was thinking of doing the same image in charcoal and chalk, but I think I will work on something different instead.


  1. Not sure I get the "joy". I am a big fan of faeries and this is a good drawing. I just wish it seemed happier.

  2. Thanks! I hope that her expression is recogniseable as joyful - my thinking was that while the situation is quite miserable, she personally certainly feels joy in the moment, even if chemically induced.