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Monday, November 1, 2010

I feel like a scientist now

Pictured: Science
My first paper has been published:

Radio frequency breakdown between structured parallel plate electrodes with a millimetric gap in low pressure gases,

in Physics of Plasmas no less! It's the culmination of most of the stuff I did in the last three years, with maybe a second, more applied paper to follow next year.

If you really want to read it (and, frankly, who wouldn't?), but can't because you don't have access to Physics of Plasmas and don't want to shell out the thirty or so dollars they demand (shame on you! shame!), email me and I'll send you a pdf. Go on, email me! How else will you know how to properly construct your dark-space shielding?


  1. Tempting. I'm afraid, though, that as a generalist in the physics world, you'll remind me that I'm stupid if I dig too far into specialization.

    On the other hand, perhaps that would be good for me.

    stephanieebarr at earthlink dot net

  2. that's a cheap occasion! they want like $120 for the magazine for the paper (my diploma thesis was base for) is published in! ;)

  3. Yeah, well, Physics of Plasmas is obviously a discount-rag, I won't publish in them anymore ;)