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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alien & Liane

Last year my big sister gave me a set of charcoals for my birthday. It took nearly a year, but I finally managed to draw something major with them - the assignment was 'Morphologies'. From a list of different body types I chose the extraterrestrial and the pregnant woman, since I hadn't drawn either so far.

It was really fun to draw with charcoal, and even if I did kind of mess up the poor girl's face, which looked much better in the sketch, I am quite happy with the result.


  1. I try ;)
    Although I have been accused of only drawing dark and gloomy things lately, so my next one will be of butterflies and unicorns, probably.

  2. Actually, I was forced, forced I say!, to start a drawing of a smiling dolphin with a princess on his back. And I am not even allowed to make her a zombie... It's supposed to teach me how to draw 'cute', I think. Sigh.