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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Forced to draw cute

Sigh. I was accused of only producing dark and gloomy work in my drawing-course. Of course I protested that this wasn't true, but couldn't point to any recent non-gloomy work quickly enough. Therefore I was condemned to paint something 'cute'; more specifically, in the words of my teacher: "A princess. Riding on a dolphin. And the dolphin is smiling."

Hence the above. I also tried out water-soluble crayons for the first time, and am not too impressed. I think I prefer straight-up watercolour.
I am not at all happy with the sky - I am beginning to think that clouds may be my nemesis. Whatever I draw next (hopefully I am done with 'cute'...) will have to have some clouds in it, because clearly I need the practice.

Water-soluble pencils on 300 gsm A3 aquarelle-paper.


  1. I actually like this somewhat. Not that the princess looks very princessy (what's with the cape when leaping out of water?). I also agree about the sky, but the dolphin (my personal favorite animal) looks great.

    I like the water and the very very green turtle, too.

  2. BTW, I'm much more aware of art recently, given my relatively new obsession with manga.

  3. What, not princessy? But she has a tiara and all... ;)
    But you are right, the cape is not very realistic, it should be flopping wet. Must be a, uh, magic cape. Yeah, that's it!

    I never got much into manga, but then I haven't really tried either. What are you reading?

  4. I have a side list on my blog Rockets and Dragons that gives you quick and dirty on what I love best. The list has links if you want to read my take on any particular manga and often examples.