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Friday, April 29, 2011

Dallying in Derborance

Last week the fabulous F. and I went for a wee walk just south of the Diablerets, from Derborance to the barrage at Goedy  and back. A very pleasant and not too long walk, it still had me puffing, but it wasn't too bad considering I had had 39 °C of fever three days before. Here is the GPS-track for your enjoyment:

Derborance - La Lui - Godey at EveryTrail

I am happy to say that the Nexus S is much better at conserving battery power while tracking than the iPhone 3G - after 4 hours I still had three quarters of power left.

Finally, here are some photos:

View near La Lui Dessous
Near Cirith Ungol

Spring is definitely here

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