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Friday, April 20, 2007


I am playing around with Femlab recently. Femlab is not an utility to design the woman of your dreams, which would be wasted on me anyway because I have found mine already (That's her on the left, asking after the way in Vilnius). It is rather a vastly powerful finite-element solver, which can simulate stuff ranging from heat conduction to radio waves, mechanical stress and fluids. As with all these really powerful programs, the learning curve is very steep.

And what's even worse: I do not trust my results. There are so many switches and parameters and thingamagics and watchamacallits in the program, which supposedly all do stuff and might change my results. Or they might not. Or they might crash the program. Which is not Femlabs fault (even they changed the name to COMSOL recently - I guess too many horny teenagers called support) of course, because you can find out all those things, if you have time enough. Which is more or less the definition of steep learning curve anyway, and I am only blathering on to hear myself type.

This weekend there will be a carnival in Lausanne. Don't ask me why, it being after Easter and all, but apparently those Protestant heretics don't care. I don't either, but I might take some pictures.


  1. pictures! pictures! pictures! =)

  2. Patience, young padawan, patience... All good things come in time, and anyhow, I forgot my camera at home today, so you will have to wait until tomorrow...