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Thursday, April 19, 2007

General stuff

It seems my creativity is at an all-time low - I have no stored blarticles, can't think of much to write and whine too much.

Furthermore, four of my friends are expecting (either themselves or their significant others), two have proposed and five are already parents or married.Which has nothing to do with the above, and is neither good nor bad, just weird.

Also (and the following is despite my promise not to write about plasma anymore) I discovered today that hollow cathodes ignite much easier when the plasma is electronegative, and that PADEX takes some time to flush all the air out if I switch it on, so that the Argon plasma wasn't, and I will have to redo most of my experiments.

On the positive side I do have new sandals - but then, I let the siren-song of high-tech convince me to buy sandals where the sole is made of some plastic-ceramic-nanometallo-organic compound, which means that no animals died to make my sandals, which in turn makes me unhappy. Well, maybe producing the sandals polluted our environment a bit.

The photo above is dawn over Lac Lèman.

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