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Friday, April 13, 2007

More Plasma Goodness

But I promise that this will be the last plasma-post for a while. Unless I find something really cool. Anyway, to the left you can see a couple of hollow cathodes burning. Note that the plasma has a greenish tint to it - probably contamination since the reactor is not entirely clean. The pink glow at the bottom is the ground electrode, and the pinkish points above are holes in an 1.2mm thick aluminium plate which act as hollow cathodes.

Down below you can see what happens when you crank up the power - depending on the pressure the plasma gets unstable and you get those bright spots which are moving around very fast, probably plasmoids. The picture was taken at 1.5 mBar neutral pressure, and 500 Watts RF power.

Oh, and there might be no posts over the weekend, since I might go hiking.

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