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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Poodle or sheep?

This is extremely funny. It seems that a couple of crooks sold poodles in japan, over the internet of course. Over 2000 people bought one, until an actress complained on TV that her poodle did not bark, and refused to eat dog-food. A couple of nature-savvy viewers then recogniced her "poodle" as a sheep with a fancy haircut...

I wonder why she did not think it strange when her "poodle" started grazing the lawn? Also, how many sheep died of malnutrition in Japan's mega-cities because there was no lawn?

Update 27/04/07:

Ohh, according to Snopes that story is a hoax. And to think it made my day yesterday! Well, the net giveth, and the net taketh away...

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  1. I heard that it was true. It was in a few papers over here because it was Australian Sheep. Although, I can't believe people could be that stupid to think a sheep was a poodle. I have a feeling that it is all fake.