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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Even more plasma goodness

As promised, here is some more pictures of plasmas. The first is a pure Argon plasma, with a Hollow Cathode discharge in the middle.

Opening the needle valve a bit, we get a mixture of air and Argon, so the plasma turns reddish

The last picture is almost pure air, and a deep, glowing red.

I am afraid that there won't be any cool plasma pictures for a couple of days, because a collegue of mine destroyed the 100:1 voltage probe that measures the RF peak to peak voltage in my experiment. She picked up my oscilloscope without bothering to check if something was connected. I am still trying to decide whether to laugh it off or to stuff the dead probe down her neck with extreme prejudice. Not only do I have to order a new probe, but I probably will have to disassemble PADEX completely to install it.

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