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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Darkside - Review

I like to read. Always have - if I do not read at least a couple of books worth a week, I am generally unhappy. Supporting that habit through buying books would be ruinous (but think of the library I would assemble) not to mention I have nowhere to put them. Thankfully, there is the magic that is the internet, where you can find people who, for whatever reason, give away their books for free (And more power to them!).

Starting with this post I will review some of them.

Darkside, by S. K. S. Perry

Imagine someone shoots you. Straight through your heart. You are a bit shocked, not to mention pissed. Because before you can get your hands around the scruffy neck of the sucker who (kind of) killed you, he has made a tactical retreat. And the girl whom you wanted to rescue fainted, so you cannot pursue. Life sucks, just like your chest-wound...

So you are dead. No big deal, it seems, at least for you. But then, suddenly, you start to notice things. Beings. Werewolves. Trolls. Ogres. Vampires. And then you get roped into this quest...

I liked Darkside. The premise is funny and interesting, even if the parallel (under) world has been done before. It is easy to get the confusion of the dead protagonist, and to feel with him when unlife throws another curve-ball at him. Action-scenes are fast-paced and well-written.

My only gripe is that the protagonist seems to accept things a bit too easily - I would have expected a bit more doubts, angst, panic or, well, emotion about the fact that you find yourself dead and conversing with ghosts and the faery. But it still gets four out of five plasmoids from me, so go there and read it!


  1. I find it embarrassing that you read so much more than me. Especially since it has taken me almost a year to finish 'The Once and Future King'. I should really stop watching television!

  2. Easy to do - just chuck away your telly. Haven't owned one since 1998 so I am not tempted. Although I wasn't that keen on watching television in the first place!

  3. boris, you are an evil person....;-)
    i followed your link and couldn't stop reading ever since...
    at least i'm already in capter 20.
    reeeeaaaaalllly nice book!