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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More reading

A couple of years back I stumbled over the website of a guy called Fel, who had written some fantasy books and was giving them away for free.

The best thing is, he continued writing and continues still, only now there are 8 finished novels on his site, with the ninth drawing to a close fast.

Seven of those books are fantasy, and take place in the world of Sennadar. We follow the adventures of Tarrin Kael, an adolescent growing up on a secluded farm in a more or less medieval society. His one ambition is becoming a Knight - but all his plans come to naught when a visiting sorceress discovers that he can use magic...

The books are extremely well written - why Fel has never tried to publish them boggles my mind. The only nitpick I have is that Fel tends to over-describe things in the later books, which doesn't deter me from giving him 4.5 of 5 brightly burning hollow cathodes.

The eight completed novel is science fiction, and called Subjugation. A blue, humanoid alien race called the Fay conquers earth - resistance is futile since they are telepathic, and how can you resist when you cannot even think about it? No one can, until one Jason Fox discovers that sometimes the Fay cannot "hear"his thoughts...

A bit more frivolous than the Firestaff-novels mentioned above, it is nevertheless a very fun read.

Head over to Sennadar, and start reading!

The photo above is of the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia.

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  1. oh, dammit.... the saga is over... a good end, though, i am satisfied :-)