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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sparing Sparrows

I love my girlfriend, but sometimes she hampers my photographic development. Point in case:

Last weekend we visited the Chateau Morges, which doubles as the local military museum. They had an exhibition about women in martial arts I wanted to see, and because I am cruel I dragged her with me. The exhibition was not the greatest - turns out it was about drawings made by a martial artist who thought that meant he could draw as well. His technique wasn't too bad, but in style his paintings reminded me of the better executed japanese manga - something I would have drooled over with 18 (Hey, hot chicks with swords!), but not something I would put in my living room now.

But the highlight of the day was when my princess spotted a sparrow drowning in a public fountain. I was all for rescuing it, too, but I wanted to document the process as well. Alas, before I could say "Wait for me to take a couple of pictures of it while it drowns, love" the light of my life had snatched my subject out of the water. Not only did she thus destroy the authenticity of my photos, she flatly refused to pitch it back in for a minute or so!

How am I supposed to take dramatic pictures of atrociously asphyxiating avians if they are readily rescued by resolute, yet radiant girlfriends?

Then, deploring my dastardly deeds, said girlfriend did debase my demonic deposition. Forced to fight for friendly feelings, I ferociously caught flies for the feebly flapping nestling.

Not that I got any, those bastards are fast.

I have posted pictures of Morges before, so I will leave you with just one I took from the tower of the Chateau. (Which has a nice collection of halberds, [no wonder, since this was the main weapon of the Swiss in medieval times], swords and whatnot)

Oh, and the young sparrow recovered inside of an hour. Last I heard of it, it was studying martial arts with aforementioned master, no doubt to be able to defend himself against photographers in the future...

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