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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Funny bone

Recently (this is to be taken none too strict, it was before the flu from hell even) my funny bone decided that being funny once in a while wasn't enough for him anymore, no sir! He wanted to be hilarious all the time. All my pleading with the little bastard lead to nothing, he had to go and be a stand-up comedian. Well, I won't cry if somebody shoots him down.

The funny bone is on your elbow, where your ulnar nerve is exposed. If you are unlucky (or fighting a vicious and extremely skilled martial arts master) the bone might get hit, resulting in your hopping around comically, waving your hand in the air. Now imagine feeling that continuously.

Horrible, isn't it? Thank his Noodliness I don't feel that. Still, my ring and little finger have been asleep for weeks now, and those lazy bastards (and their associate, the bloody ulnar [which is an excellent viking name if you need one]) start to get on my (other) nerves. I am currently eating anti-inflammatory drugs in the hope of somehow waking them up, since the funny, sorry hilarious bone obviously isn't doing it.

I think I am getting old.


  1. not old, but slow *lol*

    what did doc say to funny bone issue?

  2. no idea, he spoke in french ;)

    Seems that this is what can happen when you get old and decrepit. You eat some drugs and it goes away, and if not then you get to wear a ridiculuous brace for a couple of weeks and then it goes away. I hope.