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Monday, October 8, 2007

Pretty Plum Pastry

Although I am not too sure if pastry is the technically correct term (it's a yeast-dough) - but I did it for the sake of alliteration, which excuses much.

I recently bought some plums which were not too tasty. They were quietly rotting away in some dark corner of my fridge, resigned to their eventual fate of being rejected as waste, when they unexpectedly saved the day:

I had, in a sudden fit of insanity, forgotten to buy a sufficient amount of chocolate for the weekend, an unforgivable faux-pas as the forlorn wailing of my girlfriend made obvious.
To safe the day (and my hide) there was nothing else to do than activate my mad cake-cooking-skillz:
  • 500 g flour
  • yeast
  • 0.25 l milk
  • bit of sugar
  • salt
  • plums
Let the dough rise to twice its volume, then spread (with my patented alcoholic rolling pin - the bottle 2006 Riesling above) and cover with plum-slices. Shove into the pre-heated oven at 220 centigrade until done.

Obviously I did something right, since Charlotte forgave me... eventually. Unfortunately I was too slow to photograph my oeuvre in all its glory - but at least I was able to snap a photo before it was all gone!


  1. you have yeast in store?!?

  2. Sure do, how else could I make emergency cakes? It is dry yeast I admit, but that still works quite well if you let it sit in warm milk with a bit of sugar for a couple of minutes before adding it to the flour...