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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Parc de biches

No, it's not the park of the bitches. La biche is french for the hind, although there were no deer to be seen, only some wild boars. The parc de biches is on top of a hill in the middle of Lausanne - and there is a very nice wooden lookout in it.

The stairs are simply wooden beams that span the entire breadth of the tower and are arranged in a double spiral. This being Switzerland, of course, the resulting stairways are one-way.

From the top, you have a nice view over Lausanne. This particular day was rather hazy, unfortunately, so I didn't bother taking any panoramas.

Here is a view straight down from the top, however:

This being the park of the hinds, I expected to find some - no such luck, however. We did find boars and suckling boars, however:

Right next to their enclosure there was a big restaurant - serving wild boar as a specialty. I wonder about where they get their meat from?


  1. oh gosh what is that ghastly looking thing in the last photo that has robbed me of my ability to punctuate yikes

    I read your blog entry this morning and what should I see while out and about but a headline from one of the newspapers (can't remember which one) about how some "biche" had done something or the other (can't remember the details of the story either. Obviously my Alzheimer's diagnosis is not far off). Anyway, I immediately thought, "Aha! Now I know they're talking about a deer."

    Finally added you to my blogroll... I know, I know, Colored People's Time is a bitc... er, biche.

  2. But - it's a wee little suckling boar! Ghastly indeed! You vegetarians have no appreciation for cute, good-tasting animals ;)

    Thanks for adding me to your blog-roll!