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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Serendipity and the use of paper wallets

I knew that paper wallets were awesome, even if I did not know why.

Now I know: If the inestimable Jorge Cham, the author of Piled Higher & Deeper, the essential comic for all graduate students, just happens to give a lecture about procrastination, and afterwards sits around signing books, you can saunter up and have him sign you wallet. Thus you have the world's first and only paper wallet signed by Jorge Cham, which is a right awesome level of geekery right there.


  1. I would not use this one - put it in a golden frame or something ;O)

    Great, it really is easy to do. But what in deuce's name do you do with your coins? Where goes the voucher card from h&m? Where is room for the zillion registered customer cards? etc.
    Oh my, I will not be able to exchange my "slightly" oversized wallet with the throw-away paper wallet - though it got such sweet flowers and such on it now ... =)

  2. Wow, you've actually managed to become more geeky since I last saw you. The sad thing is. I can relate. I still read those comics and reminisce about life as a grad student!
    Btw, that bottle in a bottle looks like it would make a great bong when you finish the oil and balsamic.

  3. @aniger:

    Well, I have right now about 7 credit card-sized cards in my wallet, so that's no problem.
    Coins are a different story, right now I just put them in my pockets and the proceed to loose them - problem solved!

    Well you'd have to punch a hole into the inner bottle to connect it to the outer one, but then I am sure it would be great! Not that I have given it much thought or anything...