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Monday, June 9, 2008

Khukri III

I confess, I also bought the hugely unpractical (if you are a wimpy city-dweller like me) and probably illegal-to-carry big badass version of the Khukri. The blade is 26 centimeter long, and 5 centimeters wide at the belly. I can't wait for the weekend, when I finally get to go into the forest somewhere and chop up some innocent trees.

Then I will probably hang it on my wall, next to my katanas, wicked mongolian knife-with-chopsticks and the Indian dagger my girlfriend gave me. Good stuff!

Next on my acquisition-list: Either an oriental dagger, if our Egyptian holiday this winter pans out, or a cane sword. Probably the dagger though, because cane-swords are illegal in Switzerland. It's okay to own an assault rifle, mind you - in fact, every male Swiss is supposed to have one at home, with a box of ammunition, but heaven forfend if you own a cane-sword, you filthy homicidal criminal, you.

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