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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Monthly Book Haul

Ah, my good friend Amazon delivered my monthly book fix.

As usual, it is mostly fantasy and science-fiction, with one poetry book thrown in. I have become interested in poetry since I decided to leave comments in poetry-form on deviantart, so I thought I might learn something from the masters. I have never really read poetry before, except Milton's Paradise Lost, and a bit of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, and I am curious if I will take to it.

Books from top to bottom:

Six Centuries of Great Poetry

The Blood King and
The Summoner, both by Gail Martin

Winterbirth, by Brian Ruckley

The Awakened Mage, by Karen Miller

The Elysium Commission, by L. E Modesitt

The Books of Martin and Miller (her second book should be along in a week or so) are somewhat of a rarity in the F/SF genre: duologies. For some reason most authors seem to prefer trilogies or monster series.

I may post some reviews once I am through them.


  1. I hope you enjoy The Summoner and The Blood King! If you have any questions, please email me--I'm always happy to chat.

    Gail Z. Martin
    Author, The Summoner and The Blood King

  2. Well, that was unexpected - a comment by the author herself!

    This, Ms Martin, means your books get read first, and reviewed as soon as I have finished them!