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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The reason why I don't own an iPhone

My cell phones don't live very long. Never have, and never will. I lug it around all the time, and most of the time it is in my back-pocket, where I will sit on it, without consideration for it's fragile electronic soul. From time to time, my cell phone will protest this behaviour by breaking, and then I get a new one. Preferably one with a flap like the Motorola above, so it is at least somehow protected from ass-related incidents.
Of course I have lusted after the iPhone. Who wouldn't? It is an awesome toy.But frankly, the big screen of the iPhone terrifies me, as does the price-tag, I would have to start treating it like my laptop, which would lead to my getting a man-bag, which would lead to my girlfriend dumping me, which in turn would probably lead to me concentrating on physics to the exclusion of everything else, discovering a doomsday weapon and taking over the world. 
P.s.: My cell-phone still works, only the outer shell is cracked. World domination is averted, for now.


  1. quand viens tu voir notre iPhone et nous?
    A&A (et leurs filles)

  2. And after this I'll stop commenting on ancient posts, I promise... but I just love the invitation to come see the iPhone! Because of course, it is more of a draw than A&A, and their daughters... hope you had a nice long visit!

  3. Indeed I had, there are even a post with some pictures here: http://borislegradic.blogspot.com/2009/09/quick-jaunt-to-paris.html