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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Requiem for a KRZR

Sleek and blue,
your promise great -
none of it true,
I found out to late.

Your menus were,
a nightmare blur,
haunt dreams of mine.

From time to time,
you'd reset with glee
and then you'd chime
to inconvenience me.

Then you would,
refuse to connect,
because you could,
is what I suspect.

Maliciously I sat,
on you  anew and anew -
at last you have cracked
good riddance to you!


  1. Have finally gotten around to the reinvention (so update your bookmarks). Hopefully it'll stick this time, knock on wood. You know, I was thinking how lucky I was that I could never afford (and so never got) a RZR, but this accursed LG K5 slider I have (its only merit, much like the RZR, being its thinness) is a similar vat of quicksand. Maybe when I finally get sick of it an unlocked iPhone will be in the cards, and I, too, will wax poetic about it on my blog...

  2. or kf510, rather. Who can keep track of the model numbers, anyway?

  3. Hooray, my favourite Vegan is back! Hang on, while I moose over to your new blog...

  4. Oh, lookee here! And so my plans to get an iPhone have been long in the making, I see. My plans to keep writing blogs, on the other hand, have long fallen by the wayside... or in the cesspool of procrastination. Well, despite my continued feelings of guilt about owning such an expensive device, I suppose it was meant to me. Coincidentally the LG slider lives on with my husband, who is tech-impaired and finds its features wondrous. An MP3 player in a phone! He didn't know that had been invented. Sigh.