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Monday, September 28, 2009


During my holiday I started painting in acrylics - much easier than watercolours, since you can re-paint everything as often as you like! Here is the first picture I am more or less happy with:

More because I am pleased with how the waves turned out, less because the ship is a bit deformed, and because I painted a spar over the headsail...


  1. That's fantastic! Well done! The waves are awesome, but I like the boat as well. It sort of looks insubstantial and fragile compared to the waves. Great.

  2. As I'm completely devoid of any artistic talent, I shall have to admire yours without foolishly trying to emulate it.

  3. To further your creative development as an artist i have to say the perspective on the starbord side of your vessel is a bit skewed. See this illustration for details: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/152/atseabyborsicedit.jpg

  4. @Stephanie: I thought the same thing, until I decided to start drawing. Then I saw that you don't need talent (I am a point in case), only persistence ;)

    @Steino: Indeed you are right. The curvature of the port-side is a bit off, too. Or, and I favour this explanation, I accidentally but nevertheless purposefully painted one of those rare asymmetric sailing ships of the crazy Dutch.

  5. Actually, I tried persistence. It wasn't pretty.