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Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's true: always take your camera. This one was taken with my Canon Ixus 870IS. Had to do a panorama to get the whole thundercloud in. Unfortunately I tilted the camera a bit while taking the photo - I was perching precariously on the roof of a bicycle stand at the EPFL - hence the distortion at the bottom.

The colours were brilliant, so brilliant in fact: I desaturated the photo a bit in Picasa, it looked too kitschy.

Addendum 7/11/2009 1105h:

Thanks Armin for telling me about Panoramastudio, a much better stitching software than Photostitch. It has built-in distortion correction, and came up with this:

This time I left the colours as they were, so you can see it in all it's kitschy glory. Makes you wonder why there is no unicorn...


  1. very nice!

    did you try panorama studio? you can set a horizon. lens correction + own corrections if you don't like the suggestions, which are 95% cool.

  2. Thanks for the tip, that is indeed a much better program than what I've been using!