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Monday, June 21, 2010


So, Norfolk. What's to see aside from religious taxi drivers?
First, supersized hotel-rooms:

I don't know why I suddenly rate two double-beds, but I won't complain!

Ran around a bit in the sweltering heat.

Hot hot hot humid hot. Also: barrel-distortion

What astounded me most was the Barnes&Nobles I peeked into: A whole wall with religious books. I couldn't even get them all on my camera, so you'll have to take my word for it. But it wasn't just one or two shelves, it must have been over a thousand books, everything from the bible to How to groom your dog like a Christian (not an actual title, although it should be) . I don't know if you could even find a bible in a normal bookstore in Austria or Switzerland. I knew that they take their religion seriously in the states, but it is one thing to know that in an abstract way, and another to really experience it.

Freemaison historic district: Very quaint.

Quaint like a quilted quail in a quagmire.

This little guy was singing his heart out, then dancing a little bit in the air, then back to singing. I feel I should now the species, but I don't.

or... is that bastard mooning me?

 Tomorrow morning I'll give my talk - wish me luck!


  1. nice quey aliteration! =)

    how did your talk go? what else to say about america/americans, first hand report like?

    bring back some summer, please, thank you!

  2. Hey, talk went fine, even had some guy complimenting me afterwards. Quite a few good talks here, already have a page full with notes/ideas.

    More on those zany Americans is in the works, I'll post something soon.

    And the summer is mine, all mine, muhahaha! Well, if you ask nicely you may have some degrees and sunshine, but not all of them. Although I am sure once I am in New York I'll want to get rid of some heat...

  3. I'm glad your talk went well. I have a coworker who was working out here for a few months, going back to Norfolk this weekend.

    I'll ask him today if the religious fervor is a local phenomena.

  4. Had an excellent discussion with a guy called Mike in jack quinn's (reportedly the only bar worth mentioning in Norfolk), and he turned out to be a fellow atheist. But he also turned out to be from Florida, so I still don't know whether all Norfolk folk are zealots or not...