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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Somewhere in Norfolk, VA

 Finally made it, and only seven or so hours late! Thankfully the taxi driver knew where to go, 'cause I am too tired to care. As an aside, when in the States, don't tell your taxi driver you are an atheist, even if he asks. Nearly ended up in the ditch, the poor guy was so surprised. Saw afterwards that he was driving with a bible on his knees ;) 
Now sleep. 


  1. Atheists are not that rare, seriously!

    Why in the world would one drive with a bible on one's knee. I can see having one for when you're idle (if that's your preferred reading material) but not whilst driving.

  2. Maybe it's a local custom? I'll be on the lookout for more bible-armed cabbies in Norfolk ;)