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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Concerning UV filters

The UV-filter is an anachronism in the digital age, the chips in modern digital cameras are insensitive to UV-light. Yet the humble UV-filter is still sold - I have one on every one of my lenses. Why? Behold:

The front of my nifty full-range lens, after I slipped on ice shortly after Christmas. What looks like a major catastrophe was just a minor set-back - the cheap filter had given its life to protect the lens. Its noble sacrifice will not be forgotten, and I also ordered a new one immediately...


  1. I'd consider that a compelling reason.

  2. my UV also saved one lens before. if you have >16MP one should use the HD UV filters to not degrade lenses ...

  3. They do? I haven't noticed any degradation, but I mostly shoot with only 8 MP anyway...