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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've been singing in the choir 'Laudate' since January, and last weekend we had our first concert. Rachmaninov op.15 (very Russian, especially the first piece, 'Slava'), and 'Les chansons des roses' by Lauridsen. It went quite well, although I think us tenors could have been a bit more daring...

I recorded the concert with my new Zoom H5n digital audio recorder, an ingenious little device that produced, in my amateurish audio-barbarian opinion, an excellent stereo recording. More on this maybe in a later post.

Anyway, I put some heavily compressed mp3s online here - 112 kbps to keep the file-size somewhat reasonable.


  1. hoi borsic,

    the link you posted is actually not working, here the correct one: http://fsmat.at/~borsic/physik/

    by the way: the Zoom H4n (i think there is no H5n) is a superb audio recorder and got a nice review here:

    greetings from vienna

  2. Very true, and the link is fixed now, thanks!

    And you are right about the Yoom as well, I bought actually the H2n, still a nice recorder though!

  3. I do like choir music and it sounds like a lovely choir.

    Your camera work is, unsurprisingly, much better than mine, though I'm quite fond of my daughter's solo anyway. It sounded beautiful even if my own hand was shaking when she sang.

  4. Thanks Stephanie, but I can't take any credit for the photo - that would have been difficult since I am on stage as well ;)
    It was taken by one of our listeners, unfortunately I don't know whom, because I got all photos in a single lump without attribution, I'll have to find out.
    Kudos to your daughter for singing a solo though, that is awesome. Congratulations!